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October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Radiology Partners (RP) radiologists are passionate about increasing awareness on the importance of breast cancer screenings.

To recognize this important effort, RP invited breast radiologists to share with us why they chose breast imaging. Hear more about what drives them in the important work they do to serve patients and families across the country. If you would like to join the conversation, share your story with us! Email

“Being an active part of patient care and having the opportunity to impact women’s health in the early detection of breast cancer and other breast-related issues is a great honor. Encouraging patients to take an active role in their breast health is empowering. I thoroughly enjoy working collaboratively to ensure the overall best outcome for each patient.” – Dr. Dana Bonaminio, Nashville, Tennessee

“Breast imaging is the perfect mix of patient interaction, consulting and counseling coupled with the ability to perform procedures with cutting-edge technology and interpreting images to detect breast cancer. I feel like I am able to make a difference in patient care and quality of life by using these tools to help in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.” – Dr. Arthy Saravanan, Austin, Texas 

“Breast imaging has proven to be one of my life’s purposes and continues to be very rewarding. My passion for this field began after both my mother and grandmother were diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve had the opportunity to witness both outcomes of this awful diagnosis with very close family members. While my grandmother succumbed to breast cancer due to poor access and delayed care, my mother is now a 22-year breast cancer survivor. Patient education, access to comprehensive breast care and expedient time from diagnosis to treatment are critical in determining prognosis and mortality rates.” – Dr. Andrea Nicole Cole, Columbus, Georgia

“When I was a medical student, I chose radiology for my career path, and as a second-year radiology resident, breast imaging chose me. My mother was diagnosed with breast carcinoma, and unfortunately, she succumbed to the disease three years later during my fellowship. I believe that screening mammography has truly impacted the lives of countless women and their families by reducing the mortality rate from breast cancer. Breast imaging allows radiologists to be at the center of care for patients with breast concerns, and my greatest reward begins and ends with my ongoing relationship with my patients. I was there to share their fears as well as their victories. That is my calling, and in my humble way, I am grateful to honor the memory of my beloved mother.” – Dr. Phan Huynh, Houston, Texas

“I truly enjoy the continuity with patients: from screening to diagnostic workup to biopsy to pre/post-surgical follow-ups. Counseling patients throughout the process also comes with a sense of fulfillment; mammography is about working directly with our patients as much as it is image interpretation. I chose to specialize in mammography and women’s imaging because of the direct patient interaction, and I also enjoy the combination of diagnostic interpretation and procedures.” – Dr. Neil Shah, Atlanta, Georgia

“I chose breast imaging because it allowed me to combine both my diagnostic radiology skills with my image-guided procedural skills.  I enjoy interacting with patients and take pride in providing painless breast biopsies that provide patients with answers.  It has been very rewarding to see my patients go through their breast cancer journey from detecting the cancer on screening mammography to biopsying the lesion for them and having them return for routine imaging post treatment. Additionally, the multidisciplinary teamwork aspect of breast imaging was also very appealing to me. I liked the continuous collaboration with our fellow physician colleagues and being the doctor’s doctor.” – Dr. Alice Kim, Rockville, New York

“When I was training to become a radiologist, I originally wanted to be an interventional radiologist because I enjoyed the patient contact and being able to do procedures.  But during my training, I fell in love with breast imaging and intervention, and, in terms of radiology subspecialties, I began to see that it is an art. By specializing in mammography and women’s imaging, I am truly a clinician, working directly with our patients and performing procedures. I love the patient interaction, the ability to really change the trajectory of breast cancer mortality, all while helping women through a very difficult and scary time. I love the success stories and how far we have come with breast imaging and breast cancer treatment.” – Dr. Shannon Norris, Atlanta, Georgia

“I am a fellowship-trained interventional radiologist who has always appreciated the opportunity to directly care for patients. When I decided to change my career path, breast imaging seemed to be a perfect fit, with the ability to directly interact with patients and the opportunity to do procedures such as biopsies. However, once I started doing breast imaging, I realized that it is a true calling for me and the place where I am supposed to be. I am humbled by the opportunity to be the physician who is at the initial step of a patient’s breast cancer journey, and I realize how important it is for me as a breast imager to give the patient hope as they begin that journey. “ – Dr. Tommy Lawrence, Greensboro, North Carolina

“The field of breast imaging provides a unique opportunity for radiologists to impact women’s healthcare and involves a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach. Breast imaging allows me to interact with and help patients on a daily basis. It is a privilege to help empower women by providing them with the knowledge they need to manage their breast health and follow them through their whole journey of care.” – Dr. Rohini Komarla, Atlanta, Georgia

“For me, breast imaging feels like a full circle. We are involved in screening, diagnosing and treatment planning with continually evolving new technologies. We get to work with an amazing mix of patients, technologists, nurses, oncologists and surgeons who synergistically work to prevent and combat breast cancer.” – Dr. Syam Reddy, Chicago, Illinois

“Sorry, other subspecialties – breast imaging is the clear choice in radiology! We have more opportunities than most radiologists to interact directly with patients, and our patients come back every year for imaging. This provides a unique opportunity for breast radiologists, technologists, nurses and imaging staff to form ongoing relationships and develop a community. And for us, “making a difference” is not just a catchphrase. With mammography, we have been able to decrease the death rate from breast cancer by 40% – can any other subspecialty match that?” – Dr. Lynn Baxter, Atlanta, Georgia

“In my very biased opinion, breast imaging is the best subspecialty in radiology (perhaps the best in medicine!). I stumbled upon breast imaging by accident on a required radiology rotation in medical school. I knew it was the field for me on day one, and I have loved it ever since.  I love that we get to focus on early detection and prevention, literally changing the course of a breast cancer journey for so many women. I love getting to meet new patients every day, as well as forming awesome working relationships with our technologists and nurses. Beyond the human interaction, breast imaging requires constant juggling of imaging, procedural and clinical skills, guaranteeing constant variety in our workflow. Ultimately, I leave every day feeling as though I’ve made a difference in someone’s life, and that alone keeps me motivated and passionate about my work.” – Dr. Marae Hamlin, Atlanta, Georgia

“Breast cancer screening, diagnosis and intervention affects nearly every woman during her lifetime. I love the ability to positively impact patient care and provide comfort and education during a time when they sometimes feel scared or vulnerable. Breast imaging is truly an art and a science, and I find that mix fun and rewarding.” – Dr. Greg Henkle, Chicago, Illinois

“I chose breast imaging because it gives me the opportunity to combine my longstanding interest in women’s health with my love of radiology. I enjoy interacting with patients and working with referring physicians in our multi-disciplinary fight against breast cancer.” – Dr. Lisa Bennett, Atlanta, Georgia

“I never wanted to be the radiologist who sat in the darkroom reading studies in a box. By practicing mammography, I have an opportunity to not only utilize advanced imaging techniques to diagnose breast cancer, but I also have the fortunate ability to actively converse with patients and perform procedures. In addition, by practicing mammography, I get to play an active role in a truly ‘team sport’ – working with patients, technologists, nurses and administrative staff as well as collaborating with referring physicians, oncologists and surgeons on a regular basis.” – Anonymous

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