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Partnering with Us

Radiology is a Team Sport

Collaboration spurs transformation. We believe it is critical to inclusion, innovation and ultimately advancing our mission.

Our name says it all. We are building a practice of radiologists, radiology practices, healthcare professionals and support teammates who are passionate about serving patients, referring physicians, hospitals and health systems – all to drive our mission of transforming radiology.

For Radiologists, Clinicians and Support Team

We ensure our people have a voice through a culture of excellence, innovation, inclusion and collaboration.

For Radiology Practices

We provide all the benefits of scale, while strengthening local practice autonomy, expertise and relationships.

For Hospitals and Health Systems

We understand the need to drive and deliver value. Excellence in diagnostic imaging is what we do.

"When we decided to join RP, we met with our hospital administrators and described RP's clinical best practices. Our hospital leadership was excited about the initiatives and recognized the direct impact on patient care and patient satisfaction. ...Our hospital leadership also recognized the potential financial impact to their health system, and that was the point when our hospital administration realized that RP is really committed to transforming our specialty."

Dr. Krishna NallamshettyAssociate Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Value

"We have been able to attract some of the most well-regarded practices in the country, which means we are able to elevate the quality we deliver across the entire practice... together."

Dr. Yasser AdsSenior Vice President, National Development and Integration

"When you partner with another practice, you want to ensure the core values are there to enable the two organizations to come together seamlessly. If excellence exists within your relationships, teams and business practices, all of that will support the excellence you strive for clinically."

Dr. Stephen MossNorthside Radiology Associates

"RP offers a venue to apply the current and next generations of artificial intelligence tools, IT and communications skills to add value, impossible to achieve at smaller scale."

Dr. Chris MatternAssociate Chief Medical Officer, Rad Experience

"The organization that promotes value and service delivery as core tenets will be the one that succeeds. RP is driven by a strong desire to achieve that value through efficiency, workplace satisfaction, performance assessment and ongoing quality improvement. Taken together, I firmly believe that RP will be the model for radiology of the future."

Dr. Eric RohrenAssociate Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Research and Education

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