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RP One

In March 2020, RP established RP One, a teammate assistance fund, which provides grants to colleagues experiencing significant financial hardship.

RP teammates voluntarily contribute to RP One, and at its inception, RP made a matching contribution of $1 million on the first $100,000 of teammate contributions. To-date, the practice has issued more than $900,000 in grants. While RP One was initially established to support our teammates during the COVID-19 pandemic, the fund can be used for individual hardships, emergencies and disasters. As a 501(c)(3) organization, anyone can contribute to RP One.

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Impact on the Community

RP One is funded by RP radiologists and support teammates who voluntarily contribute to the fund. Now, as a 501(c)(3) organization, anyone can contribute to RP One. All donations are completely tax deductible. A committee of radiologists and support teammates is charged with reviewing requests, completing due diligence and issuing grants.

Season of Giving

Season of Giving

In support of Giving Tuesday and a season of gratitude and generosity, RP launched its “Season of Giving” campaign. Through December 31, 2022 RP will reinstate its dollar-for-dollar match on all RP One contributions, with a goal of raising $30,000.  Read more.

Aid to India

In May 2021, as India experienced thousands of COVID-19 deaths per day, RP leaders mobilized its Aid to India campaign through RP One. The Aid to India campaign raised $66,000 to support local non-governmental organizations in India that aid with COVID-19 surges. View full story.

COVID-19 Recovery

Established at the onset of the pandemic, RP One funds help teammates during their experience with COVID-19, providing funds for treatment, medical bills and other financial hardships. Grants are awarded to help colleagues get through very tough times.

"Having cancer, I missed many days of work, and it’s quite an expensive disease. With the help of RP One, I was able to catch up on my medical bills and help get back on track to continue improving my situation. I will always be truly grateful for RP One and the team.”

Luis Aguilar

"I’m so thankful to all the RP One donors who supported me during a very hard season. Through compassion from my teammates, my life is better.”


"Suddenly, I found myself a single mother with three young kids...RP One gave me the stepping stone I needed by relieving an unexpected financial burden, so that I could focus on the healing process for my children and myself.”


"I found myself in a situation beyond my control… Because of those who donated generously, I was able to get back on track. RP One gave me hope again when I had none.”


"Part of service is taking care of our practice, taking care of our colleagues, taking care of our support teammates across the practice. So we came together as an organization to create a separate fund to support people and take care of emergent needs."

Dr. Chris MatternAssociate Chief Medical Officer for Radiologist Experience and President, Greensboro Radiology

"The name RP One was intentional in the sense of this was such an important way to show that we are one practice. We talk a lot about the local leadership but just as important is that one practice where we all band together and help each other in times of need. I was just blown away by the generosity of our physicians and our teammates."

Ari FleischauerVice President of Human Resources