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For Radiology Practices

Best of Both: Local and National Strengths

The operating philosophy behind Radiology Partners is simple.

We are one practice, locally led, and local radiology practices do not sacrifice autonomy to realize the benefits of our scale. Physicians lead local practices, and Radiology Partners provides the investments and support to create an effective network and collaborative partnership, all with the shared mission to elevate patient care and ultimately transform radiology.

As part of RP, local practices have access to regional and national infrastructure and processes, including:

Clinical Support
Clinical Support
Leadership Education and Development
Leadership Education and Development
IT Infrastructure, Data & Analytics
Recruitment, Credentialing & Human Resource
Payor Contracting
Payor Contracting
Billing and Finance
Billing & Finance
Legal Compliance and Risk Management
Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
Doctor Looking CT examination image at Computer Monitor

Partnering with Us

We firmly believe in the power of local healthcare.

Only those who engage and treat patients daily can truly understand the unique needs of the clients and communities we serve. Our local practice leaders are empowered to make their own decisions, governed by local practice presidents and local practice boards. Each practice develops its own clinical policies and procedures, client relationship structures, workflow and scheduling processes, personnel changes and more.

Our model provides a unique experience for radiologists that isn’t easily duplicated. With our scale and resources, local practices:

Radiology locations
Maintain local control, while accessing national resources
Radiology ideas
Benefit from the expertise of forward-thinking research and technology
Radiology strategy
Gain a strategic partner to navigate a rapidly changing landscape
Radiology Growth
Thrive through the financially strong positioning of the Practice

"RP offers a venue to apply the current and next generations of artificial intelligence tools, IT and communications skills to add value, impossible to achieve at smaller scale."

Dr. Chris MatternAssociate Chief Medical Officer, Rad Experience

"RP is walking the walk instead of merely talking about it."

Dr. Raj ShahAssociate Chief Medical Officer, Operations, Southeast Region

"The fact that RP has taken on investing in clinical value as a strategic mission ultimately attracted me to RP. I believe strongly that radiologists bring a lot of value to the healthcare system and clinical care coordination, and I know we are able to make an impact on healthcare in the United States with our national scale."

Dr. Syed ZaidiAssociate Chief Medical Officer, Integrations

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