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Our Culture

Mission-Driven, Physician-Led

With a mission to transform radiology, Radiology Partners is a physician-led radiology practice guided by five Practice Principles.

We are committed to living out our Practice Principles in every move we make; providing the tools and resources for radiology innovation and clinical quality; investing in our team through education and professional development opportunities; and creating important conversations on diversity, equity and inclusion.

A big practice, yes. But a practice, nonetheless.

Our mission requires the scale of a national practice, but healthcare decisions should be driven by local standards of care.

More than 50% of RP radiologists are owners in the practice.

Patients are our top priority, followed by referring physicians, clients, our practice and then ourselves.

Collaboration is critical to innovation, inclusion and, ultimately, advancing our mission.

Innovating for the Future

Innovation in radiology has systemic influence.

We are a leader in developing AI tools and technology resources to transform the way radiologists deliver care – not just at RP, but across the specialty. Here’s how:

AI Advancements


Collaborative, Cross-Practice Research

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Whitepapers and Peer-Reviewed Journals

Future of Radiology

Setting the Clinical Standard

Our Practice lives at the cutting edge of radiology. We ensure our people have the resources and technology to do the same. We drive clinical quality through:

Best Practice Recommendations

Peer Learning

Follow-Up Programs

Scalability & Technology

By identifying and addressing key areas of high risk, our clinical value initiatives improve outcomes, increase patient retention and decrease unnecessary or repeated services.

Investing in Our People

Upholding this belief is vital to the success of the Practice. With a mindset of innovation and collaboration, we offer programs to facilitate growth and fulfillment for our people.

Radiology Partners University

We believe a bold mission requires extraordinary leadership. Through RP University (RPU), radiologists and support teammates have access to robust leadership training and development programs designed specifically for our practice. The programs include:

We have only two assets at Radiology Partners: our people and our culture. And we must protect them both.

Rich WhitneyCEO and co-founder

Culture in Action

The collaborative nature of our Practice helps team members lean into their vulnerability and feel confident expressing their ideas and perspective that leads to meaningful change.

RP Belonging

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not just something we talk about. Our RP Belonging initiative plays a critical role in shaping our culture through safe environments in which all team members are encouraged to have a voice – ensuring a diverse workplace where everyone belongs.

RP One

In 2020, RP established RP One, a teammate assistance fund to provide grants to RP colleagues experiencing significant financial hardship during the COVID-19 crisis. RP teammates made voluntary contributions to the fund through dollars or PTO hours, and RP made an initial matching contribution of $1 million on the first $100,000 of teammate contributions. To-date, the practice has raised over $2.1 million, and the RP One Committee has issued more than $900,000 in grants. Our focus on community ensures these support mechanisms will endure long after the pandemic. Learn more about RP One.