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Focused on our patients. Led by our physicians. Driven by our mission.

Radiology Partners is a national radiology practice transforming radiology for radiologists, radiology practices, hospitals, health systems, patients and families. We operate differently. Through innovation and collaboration, Radiology Partners strives to reimagine radiology’s position in healthcare delivery.

For Radiologists, Healthcare Professionals and Support Team

We ensure our people have a voice through a culture of excellence, innovation, inclusion and collaboration.

For Radiology Practices

We provide all the benefits of scale, while strengthening local practice autonomy, expertise and relationships.

For Hospitals and Health Systems

We understand the need to drive and deliver value. Excellence in diagnostic imaging is what we do.

“I think what RP is doing on a national level is raising the bar of radiology in general.”

Jen HillNorthridge, California

Why breast imaging? Dr. Phan Huynh shares that breast imaging chose him after his mother's breast cancer diagnosis.

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RP's Dr. Arlene Richardson discusses why the mortality rate for Black women diagnosed with #breastcancer is 42% higher than their white counterparts.

“One big reason is access limited to lower-quality resources inside and outside the hospital system."