About us

 Our Mission 


To transform radiology.

 Our Practice Values 



We are truthful with others as well as ourselves. Our words are consistent with our beliefs; our actions are consistent with our words.



We work together. The best of us alone cannot exceed the results of all of us together. We support, respect and value each other.



We put forth our personal and professional best. We provide the highest level of care possible and deliver superior experiences for our patients, referring physicians and clients.



We are here to serve. We strive to understand the needs of our clients, especially our patients and referring physicians, and exceed their expectations.



We take responsibility for our actions. We acknowledge that each of us has a role in the success of our practice.

In 2012, the founders of Radiology Partners (RadPartners) recognized an opportunity to transform the fragmented area of radiology by creating a national radiology practice that combines the benefits of local patient care and the investment of capital for IT, with a partnership of radiologists across the country.

 Who is RadPartners? 


Radiology Partners (RadPartners) is a leading on-site radiology practice with commitment to clinical excellence and service. Physicians are shareholders in the practice. RadPartners is well-capitalized and radiologist-led, with an experienced healthcare management team with proven ability to scale and run a multi-state operation. The practice is governed locally by the radiologists. RadPartners is currently in 26 states with approximately 1500 radiologists serving more than 1200 hospitals and outpatient centers. We are on a mission to transform radiology.

With a $60 million capital investment from New Enterprise Associates (NEA), a global venture capital firm investing in technology and healthcare, RadPartners began with a strong financial foundation. As one of the world’s largest firms with deep insight into the industries they serve, NEA offers RadPartners a solid partnership contributing experience and capital support. Today, RadPartners is the leading on-site radiology practice in the U.S., headquartered in Southern California partnering with approximately 1500 radiologists providing services to more than 1200 hospitals, clinics and imaging centers across 26 states. Our radiologist partners rely on our state-of-the-art clinical technology, experienced healthcare management team, reassurance of a shared philosophy, and strong financial position for continued growth and investment.

 Our Physician Governance Credo 


  • Physicians lead physicians

  • Healthcare will always be local business

  • Physicians are not limited to clinical decision-making

  • Physicians are accountable for developing other physicians

  • There's still a place for democratic governance

The quick growth of RadPartners signifies the timeliness and necessity for radiologists to consolidate and function in a more cohesive environment. The complexities of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, insurance reimbursements and contract negotiations, create distractions for physicians who prefer to concentrate on quality patient care.


While RadPartners offers the stability of a strong national on-site radiology practice, physicians at each local practice manage to the expectations of the local standards of care. Maintaining independence allows each practice to serve and govern their practice in the way that best suits the referring and patient community as well as their client administration. The physicians set the standard of care for their practice while relying on regional support for infrastructure as needed. In addition, the majority of our radiologists are shareholders. Early partners have an ability to shape who we are and who we will become.


Our model, which has already proven successful in other areas of healthcare, is being led by RadPartners’ experienced healthcare management team. Collectively, this team has extensive experience leading healthcare companies to unprecedented financial, contracting, billing and IT accomplishments. Many of RadPartners’ leaders were prior DaVita Healthcare Partners (dialysis and nephrology company) executives. During their leadership, DaVita went from near bankruptcy to a $12 billion, Fortune 300® company in a decade.


Using a proven healthcare model guided by an experienced healthcare management team with extensive healthcare successes, RadPartners provides consistent quality care to patients, while delivering value to hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and referring physicians.

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Radiology Partners (RadPartners) is a national radiology practice consisting of a group of radiology practices across the U.S. that are licensed to practice medicine and provide patient care.  RadPartners refers to all practices owned and/or managed by subsidiaries of Radiology Partners, Inc., which is not licensed to practice medicine and does not provide patient care. Our Notice of Privacy Practices.


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