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Dr. Elizabeth Hawk

Dr. Elizabeth Hawk

“Is this on brand?” You may have heard phrases surrounding branding uttered before, but have you ever stopped to think of the importance of your personal brand as a radiologist?  

 A brand symbolizes all the attributes tied to a group, an organization or an individual, so I strive for my personal brand to reflect consistently throughout all my professional roles – as a medical imager, a scientist, a physician leader and an educator.  

For a physician, building an engaging personal brand allows you to deepen your impact on your specialty. Whether you are starting out your career or a seasoned physician looking for a career change, building a powerful personal brand can help you as you network, allowing you to connect with other leaders in your specialty and in the broader healthcare community. 

In radiology, the personal brand of the radiologist should consistently permeate his or her every professional interaction, whether face to face or across social media content. Consider these simple progressive steps for how to build a strong personal brand:  

  1. Be present.  
  2. Establish consistency and predictability. 
  3. Earn trust and become a valued member of the community. 
  4. Become an irreplaceable member of your community. 
  5. Empower change. 

I recently shared a presentation about the importance of personal branding at the Radiology Partners’ Transform event. Radiology fellows and third- and fourth-year residents gathered in Las Vegas for presentations on leadership development and networking with radiology leaders and other trainees. We hope you will join us to connect at our next event.   

Dr. Elizabeth Hawk is a radiologist for Matrix, the teleradiology division of Radiology Partners, and Director of Clinical Innovation at RP. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @hawkimaging. For the latest news from RP, follow along on our blog and on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

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