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The third Friday of March – Match Day – is approaching, when fourth-year medical students learn where they will train in their residency programs. This much-anticipated day is the culmination of a lengthy process, from determining the specialty in which they want to train and completing interviews and site visits at different healthcare facilities.

Match Day 2024 is March 15, and at Radiology Partners (RP), we want to wish a sincere “good luck” to all medical students awaiting this big day and congratulate them as they begin this exciting new chapter.

We asked RP physicians to share advice for Match Day and as residency training begins, particularly for those pursuing radiology. Read their recommendations and follow RP on XLinkedIn and Instagram as we share throughout the week, too. Learn more about the residency match process here.

Dr. Jessica Behringer, Neuroradiologist: “Match Day is so exciting. If you matched into radiology, congrats and welcome to the best field! I have two pieces of advice. First, absorb as much as you possibly can during training. You never know when little tidbits will pop up that will help you on a case as an attending. Second, make as many connections as you can in radiology and in other fields. Radiology is an extremely small field, and you never know when or where those connections will become helpful in the future.”

Dr. Dana Bonaminio (LinkedIn | X), Breast Radiologist: “Welcome! Remember, everything is hard in the beginning. Do every procedure you can – even if you think you won’t need it in practice (because you probably will!). Find yourself a mentor! Radiology is a small world. Be respectful and helpful to the technologists – they will help/teach you SO much!”

Dr. Michael Burke, Musculoskeletal Radiologist: “Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get your top pick or your second pick or you end up in a part of the country that you weren’t necessarily anticipating. There is sacrifice involved, and just like every step of going through the process of becoming a physician and then through training, it may not be that perfect image that you had in mind, but I would also say it’s definitely a privilege to be in that spot.”

Dr. David Feldstein (LinkedIn), Interventional Radiologist: “Be proud of what you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished.”

Dr. Sameer Rehman, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Interventional Radiologist (LinkedIn | X) “Congrats on matching into an excellent field with an intellectually stimulating career providing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of countless patients. Radiology is a cornerstone of modern medicine with a great mix of diagnostic problem solving, image-guided procedures, working with high-end technology and opportunities for education/research. Learn and enjoy every single day of residency. Four years will be gone before you know it, so make it count!”

Dr. Anthony Toppins, Musculoskeletal Radiologist: “My advice to you is when you reach those down moments or those valleys, just keep your eye on the prize, remain positive, proceed forward and keep in mind that when you get through this process of training, you are going to have, in my opinion, the most rewarding of all medical careers.”

Dr. Meghan Woughter (X), Breast Radiologist: “I will offer the impossible advice, which is to relax and enjoy it. I know that’s so hard to do, to enjoy both Match Day and your residency or fellowship or whatever you have coming up … but take that time to really just have fun and do real life on the way.”

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