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Matrix at RP – the physician-led internal remote radiology practice of Radiology Partners (RP) – launched in 2014 with a team of three radiologists. Ten years later, Matrix at RP is made up of nearly 200 radiologists and backed by a growing support team across the United States, with a combined expertise of more than 2,000 work years.

Soon after RP’s founding in 2012 with a vision of creating a radiology practice that could drive value and transform the specialty, RP leadership saw a glaring need: the ability to support RP’s onsite practices with remote radiology services. Matrix at RP was the solution.

Together, we have revolutionized the remote imaging sector and nurtured a culture of inclusivity. We have successfully established a physician-centric space that stands as a formidable force in the industry. – Dr. Jorge Ramirez, president of Matrix at RP

Leveraging a cutting-edge, AI-enabled platform, Matrix supports RP’s practices with remote diagnostic, routine subspecialty, emergent and after-hours imaging support. Matrix is able to tap into the resources offered through RP’s network, which affords investments in multiple areas that allow the entire practice to drive value, such as clinical innovation programs, AI platforms and professional development opportunities. Its model combines the efficiencies of  remote radiology services with the collaborative culture of an in-person radiology practice.

“From the beginning, our central vision was to eradicate the stigma associated with teleradiology, provide a partnership track to our radiologists and create a space where the then-marginalized teleradiology group felt valued and engaged,” said Dr. Jorge Ramirez, president of Matrix at RP. “We aimed to reposition the radiologist at the heart of patient care discussions, rather than having them issue reports in obscurity while a service center relayed the findings to physicians. We strove to engage radiologists by making them feel part of something larger, a space where they felt valued, respected and supported. This sense of belonging has empowered our radiologists to rediscover their voices, their crucial roles in patient care and their impact on the future of our profession.”

At its founding, Matrix at RP had a unique opportunity to develop a practice from scratch. They chose the name Matrix, as it accurately encapsulated the team’s vision: a lattice network supporting RP’s local practices, a group where collaboration and unity are paramount, and a testament to the importance of innovation and technology in their work.

“Our initial team comprised three radiologists, primarily working alone for three years, which sometimes made us anxious about whether we were far from achieving our goal,” Dr. Ramirez recalled. “But that goal became a reality. More groups joined, more volume became available and more amazing radiologists joined our group. Positive strides like developing a local practice board and leadership roles such as section chiefs and assistants, quality assurance, peer learning, belonging groups and committees to share and shape our vision were eventually formed.”

Dr. Ramirez said witnessing the Matrix family expand and realizing what the team can do together has been rewarding, and the expertise, knowledge and ideas gained have been crucial to the practice’s development and reflection of its leadership style. However, the Matrix team encountered challenges during the practice’s growth, and those served as opportunities for improvement. He recalled the first groups Matrix supported were accustomed to a third-party vendor relationship, and while changing that mentality to welcome a partner relationship took time, it was ultimately gratifying for both parties.

“As we celebrate Matrix’s 10th anniversary, I am overwhelmed with awe and pride,” Dr. Ramirez said. “Once a dream full of aspirations, our journey has become a reality. Together, we have revolutionized the remote imaging sector and nurtured a culture of inclusivity. We have successfully established a physician-centric space that stands as a formidable force in the industry. With our collective strength and robust infrastructure, we are continuously reshaping the landscape of remote radiology, and this team’s contributions have made this possible.”

“Matrix is our cherished and shared space to care for patients, care for each other, grow and learn together while collaborating on the transformation of remote radiology,” Dr. Ramirez said. “I am captivated by and eagerly await the upcoming opportunities and new ideas from future staff. Whether collaborating with AI or initiating programs to enhance our rad experience, we are ready to continue pushing boundaries, inspiring and thrilling us all. To Matrix, we cheer for a fantastic next decade. One for all and all for one.”

Dr. Jorge Ramirez is a practicing radiologist and the president of Matrix at RP, the internal remote radiology practice of Radiology Partners (RP). Through its owned and affiliated practices, RP is a leading physician-led and physician-owned radiology practice in the U.S. Learn more about our mission, values and practice principles at For the latest news from RP, follow along on our blog and on XLinkedInInstagram and YouTube. Interested in learning about career opportunities? Visit our careers page. 

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