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Dr. Weathers discusses his practice’s pivotal partnership with RP and how his team enjoys a small practice environment backed by national resources.  

Dr. William Weathers is a practicing musculoskeletal (MSK) radiologist and president of Mountain Radiology in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Additionally, he serves on the Radiology Partners (RP) physician support board for advocacy. Outside of radiology, he enjoys hitting the slopes, hiking trails, fly fishing and golfing. He also treasures family time and being outside on his property for frequent visits from area wildlife. 

We talked to Dr. Weathers to learn more about his journey into radiology and why his practice joined RP. 

Tell us why you got into radiology.

Initially, I wanted to become a surgeon, following in the footsteps of my grandfather and great-grandfather. However, while considering a career in plastic surgery, conversations with my wife’s friends who were pursuing residencies in radiology shifted my perspective. They highlighted the multifaceted nature of radiology, which intrigued me due to its diverse opportunities, from performing procedures to directly engaging with patients. Radiology stood out to me because of its versatility in patient care. During hands-on rotations in radiology, particularly interventional radiology, I discovered a unique blend of imaging and procedures that resonated with me. Radiology offers active involvement in every patient’s care at the hospital and interactions with physicians across all specialties.

Why did you choose MSK?

My interest in this specialty stemmed from my passion for sports. During residency, I noticed a gap in my training in this area and saw an opportunity to fill it. As I began rotations in MSK imaging, I found it incredibly fulfilling. Working closely with orthopedic surgeons who play a vital role in patient care was very rewarding. The impact on patient outcomes and the collaborative nature of the work with top-tier specialists made it a natural fit for me.

What motivated your decision to relocate to Colorado and join Mountain Radiology?

We moved to Colorado more than five years ago from Houston, where I began my private practice. Despite being from Houston, I’ve always been drawn to the mountains, having grown up skiing near Aspen. One of the great things about being a physician is you can live and work anywhere you want. You’re not geographically tied. I remember my wife and I were on a ski trip in Colorado during the second year of my radiology residency. I visited a local hospital and met with radiologists there, which really sparked my interest. After a year in private practice and in alignment with my wife’s career as an OBGYN, we decided to make the move. It’s been a decision we’ve never regretted. It’s one of the most idyllic places to work and raise our two kids.

Tell us about your practice.

Mountain Radiology has been around for more than 40 years. Our small practice is unique as we embrace the opportunity for radiologists to maintain and enhance their generalist skills while specializing in their preferred areas. We understand the importance of ongoing training and support, offering guidance to address any concerns about unfamiliar procedures. Being a subspecialized generalist strengthens one’s skill set and fosters a deeper understanding of the complexities within different modalities. This approach empowers our radiologists to excel in diverse scenarios, contributing to a sense of resilience and confidence in their abilities. The experience of being immersed in a wide range of cases has been transformational in strengthening my capabilities and encouraging adaptability and resilience, two invaluable assets in our practice that ensure our radiologists can navigate any situation with proficiency and expertise.

How did the partnership between Mountain Radiology and RP come about?

In early 2020, we engaged in discussions with RP. These talks coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Intrigued by RP’s proposition, we conducted a thorough evaluation process while RP assessed our practice. Amidst economic uncertainties and a significant decline in imaging volume, sustaining our practice proved challenging, with a nearly 70% drop in volume for several months. We were treading water, trying to do what we could to keep the practice alive. Despite these obstacles, as the world began to reopen, we witnessed a resurgence in imaging volume and continued our dialogue with RP, who remained supportive throughout.

In September 2020, we officially became part of RP. Our decision was driven by recognizing the benefits of joining a larger practice while retaining our independence, with RP uniquely fitting these criteria. The partnership was guided by understanding industry trends, including consolidation and regulatory shifts, which made managing as a small practice increasingly difficult. RP’s commitment to integrated IT solutions, evident in the enhanced workflows offered through unified PACS systems, reinforced our decision. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, RP’s support during negotiations and integration marked a significant milestone for our practice. September 2020 marked the beginning of a new chapter for Mountain Radiology within RP, signaling our commitment to adapting to evolving industry landscapes while enhancing patient care.

How have you balanced your preference for a smaller practice environment while being a part of a larger practice like RP?

Since joining RP, our practice has successfully maintained its unique identity while benefiting from the support of a larger practice. Initially, we were apprehensive about how our culture would adjust within RP, but RP’s commitment to local leadership has proven true, easing our initial concerns. We’re still Mountain Radiology and our culture remains intact. Contrary to misconceptions, being part of this larger practice has empowered us. RP has provided the tools and support necessary to thrive. Engaging with RP has felt like having a supportive big brother; they offer valuable suggestions rather than imposing directives. The IT infrastructure enhancements streamline our workflow and enhance patient care, aligning perfectly with our practice’s values. In particular, the instant functionality of technologies like Rad AI has been remarkable, seamlessly integrating into our workflow without any significant learning curve. RP has empowered us to navigate challenges such as hiring difficulties and has significantly improved our ability to deliver exceptional patient care. By leveraging their resources while preserving our unique culture, RP has proven to be a valuable partner.

As a member of RP’s advocacy physician support board, how will RP help shape the future of radiology?

Radiology Partners is transforming radiology. With their leadership, investments and commitment to improving radiologists’ lives, we’re witnessing continuous advancements to alleviate burnout and enhance practice efficiency. RP’s advocacy efforts play a crucial role in addressing industry challenges such as declining reimbursement rates and regulatory changes like the No Surprises Act. Led by Dr. Rich Heller, pediatric radiologist and associate chief medical officer (ACMO) for health policy and communications, RP’s advocacy arm ensures that radiologists’ voices are heard at the legislative level, benefiting the entire radiology community, not just RP. This proactive approach demonstrates RP’s dedication to driving positive change within the field, making a lasting impact on radiology practices across the country.

What excites you most about being a part of RP?

Integrating RP’s IT solutions has been pivotal for our practice’s resilience. When faced with the departure of a partner, our small practice was at risk, but RP’s support and technology prevented collapse. Through RP’s IT infrastructure, we’ve navigated hiring challenges and significantly enhanced our workflow, nearly doubling our workload capacity. RP’s forward-thinking approach ensures we stay ahead in meeting industry challenges.

Additionally, there is incredible support and collaboration among local practices affiliated with RP. Attending the in-person meetings has always been a valuable experience for me. It’s reassuring to meet the diverse talent within our organization, which reinforces my confidence in our collective future. Being part of RP means having access to a wealth of expertise and support, which empowers us to tackle challenges effectively and move forward confidently.

Dr. William Weathers earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and completed his residency and fellowship in diagnostic radiology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Additionally, he completed a mini-fellowship in breast imaging at MD Anderson Cancer Center and furthered his expertise with a one-year fellowship in MSK at UT Orthopedics at Ironman Sports Medicine Institute Texas Medical Center, focusing primarily on sports injury and trauma. 

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