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Radiology Partners (RP) radiologists and leaders recently gathered at the annual Practice Leadership Summit, where RP introduced a new set of awards – the Best Practice Recommendation (BPR) awards.

The Clinical Value Team manages RP’s BPR program, which enables RP-affiliated practices to elevate patient care by reducing variability and enhancing quality. BPRs ensure radiologists follow evidence-based guidelines and recommend the most appropriate follow-up for clinical conditions.

RP established its first radiology quality program a decade ago to reduce variability in follow-up recommendations for incidental thyroid nodules (ITN). Shortly after the program launched in 2015, use of appropriate follow-up recommendations in these radiology reports doubled in a short time. Soon thereafter, RP established a second quality program for abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) after recognizing a need for evidence-based, standardized follow-up imaging statements to assist in patient care. Fast forward to 2024, and RP’s Clinical Value Team monitors six clinical findings across RP-affiliated practices: ITN, AAA, adnexal cysts, adrenal masses, incidental lung nodules and renal masses. When an affiliated practice joins RP, the Clinical Value team measures baseline performance and performance over time. To-date, every practice that deploys BPR programs has demonstrated a two to four times improvement compared to baseline, which ultimately improves clinical care.

Dr. Krishna Nallamshetty, chief medical officer at RP, presented the inaugural BPR awards to recognize radiologists and local practices for their excellent service to our patients and client partners.

BPR Rookie Award

The BPR Rookie Award recognizes a new RP practice that recorded the highest BPR adherence rates across the four BPRs this year. Congratulations to RP Bluegrass! Dr. Shelley Bath and practice director Karen Merritt accepted the award.

Dr. Shelley Bath, Karen Merritt and Dr. Krishna Nallamshetty

BPR Progress Award

The BPR Progress Award recognizes the practice with the largest increase in BPR adherence rates across the four BPRs this year. Congratulations to this year’s winner, Coastal Radiology Associates. Practice president Dr. Catherine Everett and practice director Janet Cheek accepted the award.

Janet Cheek, Dr. Catherine Everett and Dr. Krishna Nallamshetty


The BPR MVP (Most Valuable Practice) Award recognizes the practice with the highest BPR adherence rates across the four BPRs this year. This year’s winner is RP Eagle, led by their practice president, Dr. Tony Toppins. Julie Bartkoski, associate vice president of operations, and Nicole Tennant, senior practice director, accepted the award with Dr. Toppins. Congratulations!

Julie Bartkoski, Nicole Tennant, Dr. Tony Toppins and Dr. Krishna Nallamshetty

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