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June 14 is Radiology Fellowship Match Day for 2023, when radiologists find out where they will enter the next phase of their career and complete fellowship training in their desired subspecialty. This is a milestone in a medical career and reflects years of hard work, and we want to congratulate all new radiology fellows on their success!   

We asked RP radiologists to reflect on their own subspecialties and explain why they decided to pursue them. Read more below and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram as we share their thoughts throughout the week. 

Dr. Nancy Ballantyne (LinkedIn), breast imaging radiologist: “Breast imaging is very patient forward; you’re actually meeting with patients, ultrasounding and helping them through the process of getting a diagnosis. You’re really connecting with a patient.” 

Dr. Lori Barr (Twitter | LinkedIn), pediatric radiologist: “The pediatric radiologists I worked with in training had a sparkle of wonder in their eyes and smiled more often than not, just like a child. I think it comes from being able to show children and their parents how beautiful they are inside and out every day with diagnostic imaging. A child’s resilience in the face of health challenges and the love and compassion that pediatric healthcare providers freely give are unique aspects of this radiology subspecialty. I continue to be surprised and delighted after 38 years.” 

Dr. Sara Kingston, neuroradiologist: “I chose neuroradiology as my specialty because I was drawn to the intricate and complex anatomy inherent to the field, high patient impact, and the diversity of pathology. I also enjoy the overlap with musculoskeletal radiology, particularly with spine imaging.” 

Dr. Anisha Martin (LinkedIn), vascular and interventional radiologist: “Interventional radiology (IR) allows me to have a hand in almost every part of the body and disease process while interacting with every type of subspecialty and physician, and IR allows me to keep up with the surgical life I was drawn to initially in medical school.” 

Dr. Matthew Peterson, interventional radiologist: “I was exposed to IR during my third year of medical school. I already knew I wanted to do something surgical or procedure based. I found the use of imaging and minimally invasive techniques in IR fascinating, which drew me to radiology. As I learned more about the specialty, the ability to impact all parts of medicine interested me.” 

Dr. Anand Singh (LinkedIn), musculoskeletal radiologist: “Radiology has that unique ability to provide really specialized care to patients in a lot of different fields, just like other practices in medicine. I have always been a sports fan, so musculoskeletal radiology was a natural magnet for me. To me, it was very interesting to be able to take care of athletes in real-time and make some decisions literally after a game was done to know whether that athlete or that patient would need further care. I loved that ability to play a big role in something that I was very passionate about.” 

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