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Dr. Durick shares how RP connects patients in rural communities to high-quality radiology care.

Dr. Nathan Durick is a practicing diagnostic radiologist and president of Advanced Radiology (ARSC) in Moline, Illinois. Outside of his professional commitments, he is a devoted father to three teenage daughters and enjoys spending time with them boating and waterskiing at their family cabin. He also indulges in his passion—and occasional bad habit—of golf.

 We talked to Dr. Durick about his career and how RP offers radiology services to smaller communities lacking access to specialized care.

What inspired you to become a radiologist?

I grew up in a small town, Genesee, Illinois, idolizing my primary care doctors. Initially, I aspired to be a family practitioner or pediatrician. However, during my second year of medical school, I sought a broader scope of medicine that would allow me to collaborate with specialists across various fields. Radiology emerged as the perfect fit. Despite moving away from family practice, I regularly visit Genesee, maintaining connections with the primary care physicians who inspired my journey—a fulfilling, full-circle experience.

Why did you choose body imaging as your specialty?

While training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I had the opportunity to rotate through various specialties. Among those specialties, I found a connection with body imaging. Two of my mentors came from this department and witnessing their approach to medicine, dedication to radiology and collaboration with other specialists inspired me to follow in their footsteps.

How did you connect to RP?

My practice connected with RP a few years ago. As an independent local practice in the critical-access areas of our community in the Midwest, we were experiencing significant growth challenges. We reached a point where we didn’t know how to support that growth on the technology side. Despite having our own IT and PACs company, we seemed to have outstripped our resources. Recognizing the need for technology support to sustain our growth, we started looking for partners who could align with our vision. We connected with RP, initially for IT and PACs support, but soon realized RP offered much more behind the scenes, especially concerning patient care.

What excites you about RP?

My excitement about RP stems from more than just the IT side. Our leadership, teammates, values and commitment to patient care make RP a valuable partner in a care delivery system. RP allows our practice to extend high-quality radiology services to smaller communities lacking access to subspecialists or advanced radiology. Caring for these communities, whether in hospitals or outpatient settings, is a daily driving force for me. Having grown up in a small town with a critical-access hospital, the significance of delivering high-level radiology subspecialized care to such communities remains a key motivation.

What does the future of radiology look like to you and how will RP contribute to that?

RP plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of radiology by addressing the growing imaging volume and challenges in delivering care to smaller communities. The technology RP provides connects subspecialty radiologists across the country, benefiting areas where specialists are scarce. The transformative use of AI ensures prompt care for those in urgent need, efficiently handling overwhelming case volumes and facilitating essential procedures without transferring patients to higher levels of care.

Beyond technology, RP contributes significantly to leadership development within the practice. Fostering collaboration among practice presidents across the country provides a platform for sharing ideas and addressing everyday challenges. This collaborative approach is a valuable resource for solving issues and advancing the field. RP excels in identifying and nurturing individuals with the potential to contribute at higher levels, benefiting both the practice and radiology.

Despite uncertainties in the broader healthcare landscape, RP’s focus on recruitment and innovative practices positions it as a key player in reshaping the trajectory of medicine. It impacts radiology and elevates the overall standard of care.

Dr. Nathan Durick earned his medical degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago; completed his residency in diagnostic radiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; and completed his fellowship in body imaging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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