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Michael Pallanti, a practice director for Radiology Partners-affiliated practice Radiology Affiliates Imaging, is relatively new to his role but not to radiology.

As a radiology technologist for 17 years, Michael has experience in the delivery of high-quality radiology services. In early 2023, he became a recipient. In February, Michael fractured a bone in his foot, specifically his fifth metatarsal. Shortly after his injury, while he was at home in Philadelphia, a clot developed in his left leg, and he passed out from a pulmonary embolism. He was rushed to the hospital and was met by a radiology team he knows well – his own colleagues. After multiple interventional radiology procedures, including emergency thrombolysis to shrink the massive clot and a thrombectomy, he credits his IR team with saving his life.  

“Drs. David Feldstein, Jason Tholany, Gurvan Blackman and Joel Neuman went above and beyond to make sure I pulled through this and used all of their talent and skills to save my life,” he said. “More than that, they checked in on me every day, and supported and reassured my wife throughout the entire process. Their commitment to excellent patient care is amazing.” 

“What they did for me is beyond Transforming Radiology,” he continued. “They transform the lives of patients every day for the better, and I got to experience it first-hand. Our biggest asset at RP is having the best radiologists in the world.” 

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