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At Radiology Partners (RP), service is one of our core values and foundational to everything we do.

At RP’s 2023 Practice Leadership Summit, we focused on our practice value of service. We celebrated how our radiologists and support teammates provide the best service in radiology as we strive to anticipate the needs of our patients, clients and referring physicians—and exceed their expectations.

Service is more than the work we perform—it’s how we perform it. It’s a unique expression of our individual talents, our collective teams and our entire practice. Our desire to provide exceptional service drives our clinical responsibilities to our patients and clients, and it guides us in our mission to transform radiology.

Learn more about our values and culture, and read more thoughts on RP’s value of service from our colleagues or visit our YouTube playlist dedicated to our value of service.

Devon Bloom, SVP, Operations: “Every day is a service-providing opportunity. We’re working every day to make sure patients are taken care of, whether that’s best practice recommendations or AI. The fact that every hospital we serve gets the same level of great care, I think that’s truly transforming radiology.”

Janet Cheek, Practice Director, Coastal Radiology Associates: “If we are all service-minded, we’re all on the same page that it starts with me. It starts with me helping the radiologists who help the patients, and that’s the whole goal.”

Dr. Nathan Durick, Practice President, Advanced Radiology Partners: “The primary service is to our patients, absolutely, 100%. The first thing we have to do every day is take care of our patients. That’s why we’re here. We’re also serving our clients and hospitals, but we always remember that when we go to do a procedure, the service has to be for our patient.”

Dr. Barbara Hamilton, Interventional Radiologist, RP So Cal: “I’m passionate about community-based interventional radiology, going outside of the major metro areas and bringing IR and minimally invasive services to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access. Where I practice, I started a tumor ablation program so that we could actually do percutaneous tumor ablation like microwave or cryoablation where they weren’t offering it. That’s what service means to me.”

Dr. Aaron Hattaway, ACMO, Internal Market Development: “Shortly after I joined RP, the ACMO role became available. It interested me because it was a chance to serve, lead, foster growth, care for and ensure the practice is successful. I think it’s incumbent upon all of us at RP to do that.”

Dr. Jonathon Lee, Diagnostic teleradiologist, vRad: “We’ve known for a long time that you should treat the sickest patients first, but in radiology, that’s hard when there’s just a big list of lots of cases. The AI technology we have helps with that, as it reviews the exams for life-threatening findings as they come to us. By the AI recognizing these findings, it can prioritize that case and immediately send it out to all available radiologists so that way the next case to be read will be that critical case. That lets us provide a service to address the sickest patients first.”

Dr. Krishna Nallamshetty, CMO: “Our team of radiologists and advanced practice providers are here every day to serve our patients. Radiology really touches almost every person that comes into the healthcare system today, and it is humbling to think about the impact that we’re having. And the ability for us to serve patients is truly an honor.”

Craig Parker, VP & Deputy General Counsel: “What comes to mind is a little anecdote that “no” is a very easy word. When someone comes to you to make an ask, if you say “no” and you have a right to say “no” if it’s not in your lane, you’re done. When you say “yes,” now you have an opportunity to serve. When you do that, they feel it and know how much you care. That’s what service is about, going above and beyond and taking a personal interest.”

Cindy Pivik, VP, Development & Practice Partnerships: “The concept of serving is really powerful. It is giving of yourself and putting the needs of somebody else in front of yours. The folks on our team do a great job of exemplifying that value of service. We’re kind of the bridge between people who aren’t in RP and the people who are at RP. It’s not just a transaction—it is relationship-building.”

Dr. Anand Singh, MSK radiologist, RP Matrix: “As we grow and mature as a practice, I think that ability to support each other and for us to feel connected as human beings—whether it be through volunteering, recruiting, leading, whatever it is that we do for each other—really helps us then be our best selves to then help all the patients that we serve.”

Alex Won, VP, Revenue Cycle Management: “We coexist together in servitude of others. We are in service of our patients, our referring, our clients, our practice and ourselves.”

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