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Dr. Arthy Saravanan

Dr. Arthy Saravanan

More than 80 radiology fellows and residents recently connected with dozens of Radiology Partners leaders for Transform, RP’s exclusive opportunity for trainees looking to connect with RP and each other to expand their radiology networks.  

Held at the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas, attendees learned more about the industry and radiology’s place in healthcare, RP’s mission to transform radiology and our commitment to deepen the integration of our specialty across the continuum of patient care.  

Like how RP begins many of its gatherings, Transform 2023 started with a powerful presentation that celebrated a patient save, presented by Dr. Clare Arroyo, a diagnostic resident at the University of New Mexico. The event included educational presentations about our industry and specialty. Dr. Sriyesh Krishnan, director of innovation deployment, spoke about AI and innovation in our space; Dr. Anthony Gabriel, president and RP co-founder, shared about the mission and vision of our practice; Dr. Rich Heller, associate chief medical officer for communications and health policy, presented on healthcare policy; Dr. Anisha Martin, vascular and interventional radiologist and physician recruiting support board member, and Kati Brady, associate vice president and assistant general counsel, discussed contracts; and Brian Stern, chief operating officer, led a town hall session. Transform attendee Dr. Paul Wojack said, “I liked that most content was relevant to my future and seemed overall unbiased.”

The event featured interactive breakout sessions, where RP leaders led discussions in smaller groups, focusing on professional development and connection with trainees. Dr. Ashok Gupta, diagnostic radiologist and physician recruiting support board member, presented on healthcare economics; Dr. Anand Singh, musculoskeletal radiologist, west pod president at RP Matrix and physician recruiting support board member, discussed wellbeing and physician burnout; Dr. Krishna Nallamshetty, chief medical officer, spoke on academic vs. private practice; and a panel of RP radiologists led a discussion about radiologists in leadership. “I really appreciated the honesty and approachability of all the partners that were present,” said attendee Dr. Oscar Guillama Leclerc. “Conferences were appropriate and clear for our level as trainees.”   

The weekend also allowed for plenty of networking opportunities. “I liked the numerous opportunities to socialize with not only fellow residents but also with attendings in real-world practice models that I could see myself working in,” said Transform attendee Dr. Saumik Rahman. 

Interested in attending Transform 2024? Please fill out this interest form or email We hope to see you in 2024! 

Dr. Arthy Saravanan (LinkedIn) is the Associate Chief Medical Officer for Recruitment at Radiology Partners. 

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