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Radiology Partners (RP) recently celebrated its 2022 Value Award winners.

This tradition allows us to recognize and celebrate RP physicians and support teammates nominated by their peers for their embodiment of our practice values of integrity, teamwork, excellence, service and accountability.

This year, we awarded three winners for displaying our value of accountability. At RP, we define this as “Driven by our desire for continuous improvement. We take responsibility for our actions and acknowledge that each of us has a role in the success of the practice.”

Dr. Hetal PatelDr. Hetal Patel, musculoskeletal (MSK) radiologist at Greensboro Radiology and RP National Subspecialty Lead for MSK

Dr. Patel was recognized for his ability to see what needs to be done and complete it without being asked or needing recognition for it. Dr. Patel’s colleagues describe him as having accountability woven into his character. He does what is best for patients first, and he has impressive work ethic and drive. His colleagues said, “Dr. Patel took the lead on expansion into a new market and worked diligently to ensure the right people were connected and had the resources to be successful. During this time, he took the difficult shifts because it needed to be done.”

Julie BartkoskiJulie Bartkoski, Associate Vice President of Operations for the Southwest Area

Julie received this award for her trustworthiness and dependability in all she does. She displays an unwavering commitment to RP and the local practices she serves, and she is always available to those practices and their patients. Her colleagues described her actions during a recent major storm that affected hospitals in her area. “In the middle of the night, Julie organized an emergency supply run to one of the hospitals, bringing food, water and other necessary items so the hospital staff could continue to care for patients.”

Dr. Tony ToppinsDr. Tony Toppins, Practice President for RP Eagle

Dr. Toppins was regarded for continually demonstrating accountability by taking responsibility for his own actions but also the actions of his local practice and all of RP. He has remained accountable throughout his career, and he is trusted by colleagues and referring physicians alike. Dr. Toppins’ colleagues said, “His accountability has always set the bar for RP Eagle and the rest of RP, as he is among the first RP radiologists.”

Please join us in congratulating the 2022 Value Award recipients!  Read more about RP’s values on our website, and watch our Values videos on our YouTube channel.

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