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About Us

Matrix at RP radiologists collaborate with RP’s onsite practices to offer remote diagnostic, routine subspecialty, emergent, and after-hours imaging support. This model combines the efficiencies of a teleradiology service with the collaborative culture of an in-person radiology practice.


Dr. Jorge Ramirez
Practice President


Many Matrix at RP radiologists are fellowship-trained at some of the best programs in the world, and as part of RP’s vast network, we have access subspecialty radiology expertise across the country.


  • Innovative IT platform
  • Cloud-based PACS
  • Workflow routing
  • Referring physician access to cases


  • Varying, flexible schedule opportunities
  • Accessible, connected teammates structured to foster rapport
  • Reliable radiology support for local practices


Matrix at RP offers partnership track opportunities within the larger Radiology Partners network. RP Matrix partners participate in various practice committees based on their interests, all to serve our practice. We have something for everyone.

Hear from our radiologists.

We're embedded and integrated into the whole mission at Matrix and we're also providing great patient care. One of the reasons I came to Matrix was to find myself again and I did. When you are planning to join a practice, look at the people because that's what matters–those relationships and those bonds. That's what I found when I came here.

Dr. Anand SinghMusculoskeletal Radiologist

Coming to Matrix was my first experience with teleradiology. Matrix blew me away with what the experience is here. Matrix spends a lot of time thinking about physician wellbeing. It’s physician-owned, physician-led, it’s run by physicians, so they really have in mind not just about providing a great service for the client which we do, but also making it a great environment for the radiologist.

Dr. Kimberly MarloweGeneral Radiologist

After working for another group for more than 10 years, I had some reservations when considering a move in my career to a different group and different role. I also wondered if I would miss working in the hospital setting. Now, I can say joining Matrix has truly been a wonderful decision for me and my family. I wish this opportunity had become available earlier in my career!

Dr. Rick ScalfGeneral Radiologist