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2023 Match Day is March 17, a day when fourth-year medical students find out where they will train in their residency programs. At Radiology Partners (RP), we want to congratulate all medical students as they begin this next chapter!

This much-anticipated day is an important milestone, so we asked RP physicians to share their recommendations on what to keep in mind in the excitement and as residency training begins, particularly for those pursuing radiology. Read their advice and follow along on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram as we share throughout the week, too. Learn more about the residency match process here.

Dr. Alicia Arnold (Twitter | LinkedIn), Diagnostic Radiologist: “Congratulations on starting the next chapter in your medical training! We welcome you as a future colleague. Approach each day as a unique opportunity to learn from both radiologists, as well as referring physicians in other specialties. Understanding the perspectives of other specialties helps improve communication and patient care. Follow up on interesting cases when possible; the surgical or medical management outcome will help guide your differential in the future.”

Dr. Barbara Hamilton (LinkedIn | Twitter), Interventional Radiologist: “Match is such a stressful time, so you should congratulate yourself for just getting through the process. No matter where you match, you can make the most of your training, and become a well-trained doctor. Best of luck!”

Dr. Richard Heller (LinkedIn | Twitter), Associate Chief Medical Officer for Communications and Health Policy: “Realize that your co-residents are more than co-workers; they are your colleagues for the rest of your career and one of your greatest assets.”

Dr. Gregory Henkle (LinkedIn | Twitter), Radiology Residency Program Director of Franciscan Health Olympia Fields: “Congrats on matching into an amazing, dynamic specialty! Success in radiology residency is derived by the agency of others. Seek mentorship early, develop a strong sense of teamwork, and find ways to advance the abilities of others.”

Dr. Steve Lee (LinkedIn), Diagnostic Radiologist: “You have chosen a great field! Radiology offers a blank canvas where you can create a career path that is limitless, so be patient, thoughtful and open-minded, with the goal of making a positive impact. With consistent effort, your goals will be realized.”

Dr. Anisha Martin (LinkedIn), Vascular and Interventional  Radiologist: “Be somewhere that’s going to allow you to grow, because who you are now is not who you’re going to be five years into practice or 10 years into practice.”

Dr. Ambreen Sattar, Interventional and Diagnostic Radiologist: “Enjoy the ride!”

Dr. Anand Singh (LinkedIn), Musculoskeletal Radiologist: “Congratulations on joining the dynamic field of radiology. As you progress through your new career, always remain open to moments of change like today – in your professional life, your personal life and in yourself. Stay flexible, take risks, embrace change and you will be ready to create the next great version of YOU!”

Dr. Justin White, Diagnostic Radiologist: “Welcome to the radiology family; we are excited to have you as future colleagues! Stay focused and driven, committed to your education and eager to learn. Residency is a challenging time with tons of learning and long hours, but the payoff is well worth the effort. We look forward to bringing all your talents to our field! Good luck!”

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