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RP Matrix invests in creating a supportive and collaborative culture for our radiologists. You choose where to practice, and Matrix provides the tools you need to thrive and enjoy a stable career with our growing, dynamic practice, including generous salaries, starting bonuses, full benefits and a path to partnership.


Dr. Nina Kottler
Associate Chief Medical Officer, Clinical AI

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“Matrix is a true group practice in a remote setting, offering the perfect recipe: work-life balance, the freedom to pursue interests, a supportive culture of fairness and engaged teammates. If you have a need, a teammate is there to offer a helping hand or listening ear. While our reading room is virtual, we still have the space to share our professional and personal lives.”

Dr. William Hartz

“After nearly a decade in teleradiology, although the schedule suited my life, I had little job satisfaction. Taking a leap of faith that not all teleradiology practices are the same, I joined Matrix. It was a group that promised a different experience—a radiologist-led and run practice model with numerous opportunities for career and personal growth. Many things shifted in my life once I transitioned to Matrix. I found the professional environment I wanted to call home for the rest of my career. I am surrounded by extremely knowledgeable, cohesive, collaborative, caring, and supportive colleagues. Being locally led allows Matrix to make decisions that work for us within a larger practice. There is good reason that we refer to one another as our Matrix family. Despite rapid growth, Matrix strives to find innovative ways to keep our radiologists connected and engaged.”

Dr. Danit Talmi

“When I joined Matrix, I immediately felt that I was part of a team. The entire team is supportive, collegial and always willing to help with a question or difficult case that arises. Matrix has given me the opportunity to improve my work-life balance. It truly feels like a group practice in a virtual setting.”

Dr. Rajvee Shah

“At first, I had some hesitation going straight to remote work from training, but I soon learned there are many other friendly and knowledgeable radiologists on my team who are more than happy to assist in any consults, questions or concerns that I had. It really is a well-oiled machine at Matrix!”

Dr. Jay Tank

“My favorite part of Matrix is the people. They are warm, genuine and caring. Everyone, young and old, has a story of why they eventually found Matrix as a home. It is from those prior experiences that we all have a genuine appreciation of each other and our unique practice. It comes across in comments in our Teams chat channel where we work and commune as a family. I can honestly say I miss my RP Matrix family on my weeks off!”

Dr. Anand Singh

“The opportunity to join Matrix presented itself at the right time. I was very excited to be a part of such a dynamic practice. RP Matrix utilizes technology to eliminate the inefficiencies that fatigue busy radiologists. In addition, Matrix is an incredibly cohesive, collaborative practice with radiologists representing all subspecialties. You’re only one click or chat away from a subspecialty consult. I enjoy working with my Matrix family!”

Dr. Deddeh Ballah-Leahey

“I am fresh out of training and enjoying life as a Matrix radiologist. I grew to love working nights while in residency and looked for a night gig where I could see a good variety of pathology and work with a great team of people. RP Matrix has provided both of those things. I’m very happy to be on the team, and I think many radiologists would be happy in this position as well.”

Dr. Ryan McGeary

“After working for another group for more than 10 years, I had some reservations when considering a move in my career to a different group and different role. I also wondered if I would miss working in the hospital setting. Now, I can say joining Matrix has truly been a wonderful decision for me and my family. I wish this opportunity had become available earlier in my career! I want to working remotely as a teleradiologist for the remainder of my career. Radiology Partners and RP Matrix offer so many benefits, including advanced technology, a vast network of support and resources and a friendly and supportive environment!”

Dr. Rick Scalf

"I stumbled onto RP Matrix through an ACR job posting, and it has turned into the best experience of my career. There is a place for every radiologist at RP Matrix, whether you are interested in optimizing lifestyle, participating in clinical leadership roles or developing additional nonclinical skills including technology, sales, recruiting and operations."

Dr. Kyle Hendrix

"I joined Radiology Partners in November 2020. Early on, it was apparent that the practice believes in its values of Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Service, and Accountability. Combined with the stability of a national growing practice, I quickly found a unique and comforting position. This practice allows for interpersonal growth and professional growth as a radiologist, but also in educational areas and administrative roles."

Dr. Tony Maung

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Kiersten Berry

Kiersten Berry

Kiersten Berry serves as a physician recruiter for RP Matrix. She has worked in physician recruiting since 2016. She enjoys the fast pace of recruitment and consulting with physicians to help them find the best personal and professional fit. 

Prior, Kiersten worked in marketing and luxury lifestyle events. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia.  

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Kathy Bowers

Kathy Bowers

Kathy Bowers serves as a physician recruiter for RP Matrix. She offers more than 15 years of experience in physician recruiting. She enjoys helping candidates navigate their job search and find the right fit for their careers. 

Prior to RP, Kathy worked in physician recruiting and consulting in all specialties, serving hospitals and physician groups across the nation. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia.  

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Taylor Gee

Taylor Gee

Taylor Gee, MBA, serves as a physician recruiter for RP Matrix. Taylor offers more than four years of experience in physician recruiting.  

Prior to recruiting, Taylor worked in events and tourism. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro and her MBA at Lipscomb University. 

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Hear from our recruiters.

“After observing the radiology landscape shift to remote practices, I joined RP Matrix. I was impressed by their rapid growth while maintaining the heart and stability of a small local practice. My experience has been solidified by the people I’ve met within RP Matrix, whom all have a passion for trust and transparency.”

Kiersten Berry

“Prior to RP, I worked on the agency side of recruiting, which required extensive travel across the nation. In 2020, I made the move to work remotely with RP Matrix teleradiologists. Working with RP continues to be an incredibly positive experience, helping me improve my quality of life and work-life balance. RP Matrix is an incredibly dynamic, naturally diverse and inclusive practice, providing a space for all radiologists to excel professionally and personally. Working with a practice that personifies RP’s core values helps us transform radiology, teleradiology/remote reading and lives in a positive and impactful way.”

Kathy Bowers

“I feel very blessed to serve RP Matrix in physician recruiting. RP Matrix truly embodies RP’s core values and mission to transform radiology, and it is also a transparent practice that offers equal opportunity for radiologists currently with RP Matrix and those who prospectively may join.”

Taylor Gee

“I was looking for a new career that would allow flexibility in my schedule, more time with my family and improved quality of life. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me within RP Matrix. It doesn’t feel like a job when you love what you do!”

Shea Lipp

“As a new mom in a new state, I was searching for a role where I didn’t compromise work-life balance and time with my daughter. RP Matrix aligned with my professional background and interests, and it gave me the opportunity to learn a new skill set. I am excited to be in a role that will advance my career while also balancing being a new mom in a new home. I love working remotely with a team that is passionate about what they do and work together to achieve our common goals.”

Hannah Reinhart
Shea Lipp

Shea Lipp

Shea Lipp serves as an associate physician recruiter for RP Matrix. She enjoys working alongside the lead recruiters to build relationships with new candidates and current practicing radiologists.  

Shea earned her bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University. 

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Hannah Reinhart

Hannah Reinhart

Hannah Reinhart serves as recruiting coordinator for RP Matrix.  

Prior to physician recruiting, Hannah worked in customer service management and human resources and talent acquisition in technology and non-profit organizations.   

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