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Here are the 11 questions that are most frequently asked by radiologists, radiology practices, hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers that want to learn more about Radiology Partners and how we’re transforming the practice of radiology. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact us.


What is Radiology Partners?


Radiology Partners (RP) is a physician-run private practice. We focus exclusively on radiology and partner with local on-site groups to advance clinical excellence, produce high service levels and implement technology-driven improvements. RP is a relatively young organization (started in 2012), yet our practices have been serving their clients for more than 20 years, on average. Currently, RP has approximately 1500 radiologists providing services to more than 1200 hospitals, clinics and imaging centers across 26 states (and growing).


Who is on the management team of Radiology Partners?


Our management team is comprised of senior executives with a proven ability to scale and run a multi-state operation. Together, many members of our team were part of an executive group that:


  • Scaled a healthcare business from a 300-center/$800 million enterprise value to a 2,300-center/$20 billion enterprise value

  • Drove national clinical metrics with improvement in each of 12 consecutive years

  • Had a regular audience with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)


The Radiology Partners executive team has extensive healthcare services management experience. Having such a leadership team, with more than 135 years of collective experience, who have practiced as physicians as well as administrative leaders provides an insight and sensitivity that makes the RP executive management team especially well-rounded. The leadership group includes:



How is Radiology Partners capitalized?


Radiology Partners’ investment partner is New Enterprise Associates (NEA), one of the leading global venture capital firms with $13 billion in committed capital. Their investments exclusively focus on healthcare and technology (including Caremark, Concentra, DSI Renal and Vantage Oncology). They are a unique partner, having had a long relationship with several members of the Radiology Partners executive management team, and are committed to the success of their investments. On average, the duration of NEA’s investment in healthcare companies is over eight years.


What is the practice governance model?


At Radiology Partners, we believe that healthcare is local. Because of that, our local practices govern themselves when it comes to all aspects of local operations. This means that local physicians make decisions regarding their schedule, hiring/firing of local physicians, local hospital interactions, clinical policies and procedures and more. Of course, they also have access to management and clinical resources that exist for the entire practice, but when it comes time to decide what actually gets implemented locally, it’s up to the local team.


What makes Radiology Partners’ radiology IT solutions the best available?

With the benefit of national scale, Radiology Partners continues to develop IT tools that are uniquely suited to the challenges our local practices face.


  • Quality — Our global worklist capability enables critical results reporting and peer review / peer learning across our diverse client base. It also supports our clinical best practice programming.

  • Productivity — Our system supports complex assignment logic allowing us to route the right case to the right radiologist.

  • Flexibility — As our practice grows, our clients evolve and technology changes, we’re developing and selecting tools that give us the flexibility to adapt and succeed.

  • Analytics — Our system allows us to monitor various metrics across the practice to demonstrate value to our clients and to manage radiologists’ capacity.

  • Client efficiency — A combination of centralized and distributed PACS (picture archiving and communication system) allows us to offer highly customized workflow solutions to our clients.


How is the practice lead by the physicians?

In addition to physician leadership on our executive management team, our practices are led locally by their own physicians. Specifically, each local practice is led by a board composed of local radiologists and headed by a local physician.


We also have an experienced team of national physician leaders:


  • Nina Kottler, MD - VP Clinical Initiatives and Matrix Leadership

  • Richard Heller, MD - VP Clinical Services and National Director of Pediatric Radiology

  • Upma Rawal, MD - VP Clinical Initiatives

  • Syed Zaidi, MD - VP Clinical Initiatives and Growth

  • Byron Christie, MD - VP Practice Growth and Site Integration

  • Yasser Ads, MD - VP Client Program Development



Is there equity opportunity for partners?

Yes. In fact, not only are most RP radiologists shareholders, but physicians own a large share of the practice. We feel it’s critically important that our physician partners have a voice in who we are and who we will become. And if the practice does well, they should share in that success through equity ownership.


Why does joining a larger radiology practices make sense?


As radiologists review the fragmented environment of the industry, with no clear leader and a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, consider how Radiology Partners addresses these key issues:


  • Investment in Leading Clinical Programs and Technology

    • Clinical best practice development by a dedicated team of physicians and support staff focused on execution and quality outcomes

    • ​State-of-the-art clinical technology for radiologists and referring physicians, including innovative machine learning tools to assist radiologists

  • Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

    • ​Resources, including an analytics team, to help groups manage growth and optimize their practice’s workflow

    • Contracting and billing advantages of a large enterprise

    • Scale administrative functions

  • Strategic Growth

    • ​Focus on partnering with local groups instead of displacing practices

    • Support services to aid growth into specific local markets

    • Target key hospital and system partners

  • Stability in the Face of Changing Healthcare Reimbursement

    • Hospital & payor consolidation is putting increasing pressure on medical groups; larger practices are better positioned to succeed

  • Equity Growth

    • ​Higher value is placed on a national practice, creating additional economic value to physician shareholders


How is Radiology Partners different?

  • Culture and Philosophy — First and foremost, we see ourselves as a physician practice focused on providing outstanding care to our patients. An RP motto is “One Practice, Locally Led.” We are physician driven with an emphasis on physician ownership and local autonomy. This arrangement creates a fundamentally different culture than a multi-specialty company with financial owners and physicians as employees. We are quality-focused, service-oriented and technology-enabled. We are looking for partners who share this passion.

  • Growth — Benefits of scale, access to capital and managerial expertise along with attractive aspects of private practice have allowed us to grow at a strong rate.

  • Organization and Structure — We view RP as a large physician practice. We have physician leadership and involvement throughout the practice with paths to equity ownership. Physicians lead each local practice in local decisions, as well as participate in national management.

  • Opportunity for Risk Diversification — Monetize some of your current equity, eliminating risk of future instability.  At the same time, maintain upside opportunity with RP equity.

  • Capital Resources and Management Expertise — We are extremely well capitalized. We have an experienced healthcare management team with a proven ability to scale and run a multi-state operation. Our executive management team has deep functional expertise in payor contracting, billing, technology, operations, physician leadership and partnership management.


Why is now the right time to consider Radiology Partners as the option
for my practice?

Radiology is still fragmented with no clear leader, but is rapidly consolidating.


  • Changes in the healthcare landscape, particularly payor and hospital consolidation, are making it more important for practices to become larger in order to stay relevant.

  • Large-scale physician services organizations are no longer novel, with many examples of large practices in other parts of medicine. This is the trend in radiology as well.

  • ACOs (accountable care organizations), payor consolidation and reimbursement trends (including value-based payment) are making it more challenging to practice as a smaller group. Additionally, larger multi-state practices are more likely to have “a seat at the table” when key decisions are being made at a national level.

  • In just a few short years, RP has grown to approximately 1500 radiologists. And we are just getting started!


How do I contact Radiology Partners?

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2330 Utah Avenue

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