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Radiology Fellowship Match Day for 2024 is June 12. This long-awaited day marks a significant milestone in the medical careers of radiologists, as they learn where they will complete fellowship training in their chosen subspecialty.

Radiology Partners (RP) extends a heartfelt congratulations to all new fellows on their achievement and wish them great success as they embark on this new phase of their medical career!

Below, several RP radiologists explain what drew them to their own subspecialties. Read more below and follow RP on X, LinkedIn and Instagram to hear more of their thoughts throughout the week.

Dr. Jessica Behringer, neuroradiologist: “I found the anatomy and pathology of neuro cases to be challenging and interesting. I wanted to gain experience in that field and have the ability to collaborate with other neuroradiologists on interesting cases. I was once given this advice: choose a fellowship that you find interesting, difficult or both, and neuroradiology fell into the ‘both’ category for me.”

Dr. Nathan Durick, diagnostic radiologist: “I was training at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and what drew me to body imaging was the people. Of all the subspecialties in radiology, I really connected with the group of people in the body imaging department. That drew me into that, and I’ve been in love with it ever since.”

Dr. Arthy Saravanan (LinkedIn | X), breast radiologist: “When I did my breast rotation, I felt like I was tapping into all the different aspects within the radiology field at large and focusing in on women’s health and breast health to bring it all together. That’s what I really enjoyed about breast radiology. I’m truly passionate about it, and, in fact, I’ve changed the color of my car to pink to support breast cancer awareness.”

Dr. Anthony Toppins, musculoskeletal radiologist: “Early on, I was leaning a little bit more to interventional radiology. I liked interacting with patients and the social part of that. Ultimately, where I ended up was in bone and joint musculoskeletal radiology, which has a little bit of an interventional component. I do a lot of minor procedures now and talk to patients frequently, so I still get to know them and treat rather than just diagnose.”

Dr. William Weathers, musculoskeletal radiologist: “I was interested in sports, as an athlete myself, and I think what drew me into musculoskeletal imaging was getting to work with some orthopedic surgeons. Once I started rotating through it, I was like, ‘Gosh, this is really cool.’ You have a huge impact on patient care. You get to work with what I think are some of the best doctors in the hospital, the orthopedic surgeons. It’s a natural fit for me.”

Dr. Meghan Woughter (X), breast radiologist: “For me, breast imaging was a great combination of multiple things I really liked, which was the patient population – getting to care for women predominantly – combined with the clinical work. Every day, I see patients in clinic, do biopsies in real-time and take care of them, in addition to doing all the imaging.”

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