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RP One: Teammate Assistance Fund

Updated: April 10, 2020


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, RP established a teammate assistance fund, which provides grants to RP colleagues who are experiencing significant financial hardship because of the COVID crisis. All support team members and physicians are eligible, and all RP team members have an opportunity to make voluntary contributions to this fund either with dollars or PTO hours which will converted to dollars and reserved for grants. RP made an initial matching contribution of $1 million on the first $100,000 of teammate contributions to RP One, and after the initial founding contribution, RP continues to match further teammate contributions dollar for dollar for the time being. A committee is charged with reviewing requests, verifying hardship and determining overall eligibility for and the amount of individual grants. Any excess funds remaining upon the passing of the COVID crisis will be available to support RP team members in crisis in the future. We call it RP One: One Team, Enduring Support. This new fund will allow us to give back to one another as we endure the COVID-19 pandemic and also establish a mechanism for teammate assistance in the future.


Many have expressed interest in contributing to RP One. Instructions for making your contribution are as follows:

  1. Send an e-mail to from your Radiology Partners e-mail indicating the method of your payment and amount of your contribution.

  2. Process your payment via Venmo, ACH or check, using the instructions below.

  3. Save your payment information with your tax records, you should consult with your tax advisor regarding deductibility.

Process your payment using one of the following methods. If you have questions, contact David Gutierrez, VP Finance and Accounting Strategic Initiatives, via email or by calling 951-660-9183.

  • Venmo – Send your payment to @Radiology_Partners_DG.

  • ACH Electronic Funds Payment (EFT) – Detailed bank information was distributed to RP teammates via RP email. Or contact David Gutierrez, VP Finance and Accounting Strategic Initiatives, via email or by calling 951-660-9183

  • Personal Check – Make your payment out to Radiology Partners, Inc. and send to the following address:
    Radiology Partners
    C/O David Gutierrez
    2330 Utah Avenue, Suite 200
    El Segundo, CA 90245


To access the grant application, send an e-mail to The RP One committee will utilize the information provided in the application to review requests, verify hardship and determine overall eligibility and dollar amounts for individual grants.

Applicants should complete the questions as it relates to your personal situation. All answers will be kept confidential, and when a decision is made, the committee will contact you regarding your application status. Please keep all discussions and amounts granted confidential. Return completed application to the RP One Assistance Committee at


A temporary RP One committee has been established to oversee RP One giving in the immediate term. When the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, a long-term support board will be established. The following leaders will serve on the temporary committee:


  • Dr. Chad Calendine

  • Dr. Daniel Fang

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hawk

  • Dr. Chris Mattern

Support Team Leaders:

  • Jennifer Beaumont

  • Ari Fleischauer

  • Doyle Rabe

  • Steve Tumbarello

David Gutierrez, VP Finance and Accounting Strategic Initiatives, is assisting the RP One committee with any questions regarding teammate contributions. He may be reached via email or by calling 951-660-9183.


In the midst of this public health crisis, there are many circumstances that are out of our control. That said, we will continue to do everything possible to take care of our teammates during these difficult times—especially those who need our help the most.

Thank you for your commitment to our practice and to each other.


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