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Understanding Team Organizational Design

By RPU Categories: ELECTIVE

About Course

The curriculum overviews the essential principles of design, assessing current org structure, and refreshing a team’s design. This curriculum is facilitated in a workshop-style approach and includes individual reflection, discussion, breakouts, and application activities outside of class hours.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the foundational principles of team organizational design process
  • Identify strengths and opportunities in your current org structure
  • Refresh your team’s design using an intentional model
  • Establish a bi-annual practice to assess and adjust team org design


2 day duration; 3 class hrs total




Scheduled based on need and availability

What Participants Have Said

“While I have done a lot of the work on Org Structure redesign for my team, this allowed for dedicated time to FOCUS on it, consult others (coaching), and brought new perspectives.”

“Simple concepts that really help provide clarity.”


For general and enrollment questions reach out to RPUniversity@radpartners.

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