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RP Navigator

By RPU Categories: ELECTIVE

About Course

The RP Navigator Program provides opportunities to enhance how we bring new Radiologists into our practice. By providing an easy-to-follow template, the structure builds on existing local programs to support and lead new rads, aiming to bolster the engagement and retention of our newest colleagues.

RP Navigator creates a simple to deploy, basic structure that facilitates regular, purposeful check ins over a 6-month or more new Rad orientation period. Practices opting into the program will leverage this process to support both physicians out of training as well as experienced physicians newly joining the practice.

What will I learn?

  • Be matched with a tenured rad from the practice called a guide
  • Follow a schedule which is tailored to the local practice
  • Spend dedicated time with your guide during your initial days of joining RP
  • Engage in brief scheduled check-ins in the upcoming next months, both with your guide and possible other new rads locally as well
  • Tell us about your experience in the local practice and at RP at 45, 90, 180 days


6 month duration; 4 class hrs/ month


Live or virtual, at local practice level


On demand


For general and enrollment questions reach out to RPUniversity@radpartners.

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