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Coaching Circles

By RPU Categories: ELECTIVE

About Course

A six month, facilitator led experience consisting of bi-weekly virtual meetings focused on peer-to-peer sharing, learning and development based on the needs of attendees. Participants bring their “”just in time”” leadership and personal challenges to the circle to receive coaching and input from the facilitator and their peers. This is an intimate cohort learning experience of typically 8-10 participants, created by grouping leaders in similar roles from different teams/practices.

What will I learn?

  • Practice being aware of your patterns, thoughts and behaviors in a safe environment
  • Deeply connecting with peers combats the isolation common with remote work or combats the vastness of a national practice and promotes conneciton around common challenges.
  • Explore simple ways of connecting that you can apply to relationships outside of the circle.


6 month duration; 2 hrs/ month






For general and enrollment questions reach out to RPUniversity@radpartners.

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